Set Goals

Unless you shape your life, circumstances will shape it for you. You have to work,
sacrifice, invest, and persist to get the results you want. Choose them well. You can’t
start your planning until you know where you want to go.
You are the sculptor of your own image. Have others already done what you want
to do? Study them and do what they did. Start anywhere, at anytime, and persist. Stop
worrying what others think about what you can or can’t do. Believe in yourself and
your abilities. Have the self-confidence to challenge your current situation. This is
your life to live; it’s day by day and step by step.
Write down your goals. Only three percent of people have written goals and only
one percent review those written goals daily. Be in that elite one percent. Vi s u a l i z e
the attainment of your goals often. Goals are dreams with dates attached. You will
only become as great and as happy as the goals you choose.

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